Mighty Mouse

Posted: February 17, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’ve been waiting to unofficially launch a "CEO" type blog for a while now… waiting for something special.

After being in tech for a couple decades, a "first" happened to me today.

MessageCast occupies the entire second floor of a downtown Redwood City, California office building.  The third floor is being gutted for new tenants… let’s just say the building now has a lot of very small access points to the roof.

Somehow, some way, a little mouse got in the building.

How did we discover this?  It announced itself right in the middle of big conference call with a huge platform partner!

So here we are, espousing the virtues of our real-time alerting service and how people love it and how we take ad relevancy so far beyond where it is today and blah blah blah… and unbeknownst to the folks on the other end of the phone, a couple of execs are on their hands & knees with cardboard boxes trying to snare the little fella!

Felt like an "I Love Lucy" episode.

So that’s it… I had to chronicle this story for the corporate archives. 

Into the blogosphere I go.


P.S.  The call went great.  The mouse was captured.  Released into a friendlier environ (a corporate jungle is no place for a little critter).


  1. Unknown says:

    To add to this post, I was in this conference/(i love lucy episode). When I first saw "Jerry" I jumped thinking he was a big rodent. Then relaxed when we realized he was about an inch in size. <grin>Mike

  2. Michael says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Royal!