Back to High School

Posted: February 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

My high school — Serra High School in San Mateo, California — invited me to "Career Day" yesterday. 

What a kick!  I told the kids I was going to avoid the stuff they had always heard… the classic being the very best advice:  "Do what you love."

Instead I focused on irreverent themes such as:

*  "Learn English" (writing was the most important business class I took in high school)

*  "Don’t be an idiot" (find the good in everyone, that’s how you start assembling a talented team)

*  "Have a killer time in college" (build up your professional network;  get used to the work hard/play hard thing)

*  "Don’t listen" (the right path for you isn’t always the obvious one)

Maybe the most important thing I imparted was my email address. 

I told them that I thoroughly expect a note asking for some kind of help 5-10 years from now.  My pleasure:  Once a Padre (maybe the world’s silliest mascot), always a Padre.


P.S.  Some of the kids obviously got the entrepreneurial message right away and asked if there were any summer internships available.  A-l-r-i-g-h-t!


  1. Unknown says:

    Very cool Royal. You always do know how to give back. I\’ve always appreciated your straight-from-the-heart advice. You\’re definitely one entrepreneur who wears his heart on his sleeve and loves to share. I coach some kids who go to Serra HS and am sure that they got the message that was cast ;-).I\’m not so sure if the Padre is the silliest mascot because Babson College my alma mater has the Beaver (industrious critter) as its mascot and my HS (Williamsville South) has the Billie (goat) as its mascot.Right on about recommending writing/English. I get to read a lot of the kids journals that they keep for the hockey team and quality is definitely sketchy at best.Keep on blogging!David H. Park

  2. Royal Farros says:

    David, sorry for the delayed response, we\’re hooking LiveMessage Alerts into comments soon so I\’ll know instantly when someone has commented. <smile>Thanks for the nice sentiment, you make me blush.A billie goat is a silly mascot… but sillier than a fired-up-monk? Hmmm….

  3. Unknown says:

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