DMA’s Super Secret Meeting

Posted: March 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

Got invited to a super exclusive DMA event in Florida… very high-powered crowd, top 100 CEO’s in the direct marketing space no less.

Got to present about RSS, blogging, and alerts.

Twist my arm or what? <smile>

So here’s the funny thing: I expected the crowd to be somewhat stodgy… somewhat, well, stuck in legacyland.

I also expected them to be shocked when I insulted one of their prized assets: "Email lists are history."

(See upcoming post re: this.)

But the joke was on me. It was a pretty hip crowd!

I even got an unexpected good showing of hands when I mentined "podcasting." (One guy was even carrying!)

They were like sponges, absorbing everything, interested at both the 30,000 foot and 3 foot levels.

Stay tuned for more consumer friendly direct marketing programs in the upcoming years… after all, these folks only care about what works and what doesn’t.



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