Sorry, Kinda

Posted: March 31, 2005 in Uncategorized

Geez, I just re-read my last three entries and it seems like I’m the president of the, "I Hate Email" club.

For the record, that’s not true:  I’m the president of the, "Email is Horribly Broken" and "There’s Got to be a Better Way" clubs.

Communication networks have to be authenticated (available now via alert networks).

Opt-in and opt-out have to be totally controlled by the customer/reader (available now via RSS and alert networks).

Else, it’s the Wild, Wild West (the SPAM disaster we have today).


  1. Unknown says:

    Yeah, Funny thing happened yesterday ("SPAM is everything I don\’t want to read") A supplier sends out an E-mail regarding web address changes pertinet to doing buisness with him, His mail list is visible to all on it. Hese\’s where the abuse starts. A salesman of an another company "replys to all" his own dang sales message and sends (cleaver little jerk). This starts a cascade of "reply to all" hate SPAM….It brings out our juvenile side, a lapse of reason coupled with the send button equals regret….I have a list of names that I may not do potential buisness with in the future, due to their heated responses to a sales ploy…JG

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