Why Offline Can’t Compete with Online

Posted: April 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

Preparing for an Apr 25th AD:TECH conference panel.

I sound like a broken record:  Offline just won’t be able to compete with online in the future.


Business model. 

When things are trackable, you can create performance-based, micro-adjustable business models.

These business models are no brainers:  There’s no risk:  You only pay if it performs… and you can tweak and tune at almost no cost.

Compare that with your typical pay-for-it-all-before-you-ever-see-how-it-performs offline ad spend.  TONS of risk.

Data point:  Me. 

We’ve done quite a lot of ad buying in the last two decades. 

Anyone remember print magazine bingo cards?  What a joke, they were the worst.  Anyone ever really try to measure radio and TV spots?  Slow and imprecise at best.  Lousy and unmanageable at worst.

If I had today’s online options available to me then, I wouldn’t have spend a penny on offline.  Just not worth it.

Since Google, Y!, and MSN are all going through the roof, there are obviously other ad buyers that feel the same way.


  1. James says:

    Hi Royal,Great blog! A couple of questions: Is MessageCast able to put dynamic content in its alert messages such as audio or video? Do you have plans to incorporate rich media into your product?In your view, is targeted "outside the browser" desktop advertising through IM and desktop apps the wave of the future or will it just be a niche area of online advertising budgets?Thanks,Sfumato