Feeding the Beast… Live at AD:TECH

Posted: April 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

I presented at AD:TECH in San Francisco yesterday on the "Feeding the Beast"  RSS, Data Feeds, and Even More" panel.

Was lead by Charlene Li of Forrester who knows her stuff.

Also on the panel was fellow entrepreneur and good guy Mark Carlson of Simplefeed.

Not a single person was blogging in the audience… that’s probably the best, "State of the Ad Industry" observation I have.

With that said, there was a tremendous collective open mind to RSS and blogs.

Which means we’re not at the tipping point yet (the stage where everyone knows about RSS and blogs but haven’t done anything about it), but at least we’re past that ugly "blank-stare-that’s-not-important-can-I-sell-you-a-buggy-whip?" stage.


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