And the Winner Is…

Posted: June 16, 2005 in Uncategorized

SDForum, the hub of entrepreneurial activity in Silicon Valley for a couple decades, held the 2005 Visionary Awards last night at the thoroughly spectacular and fun home of my old business partner Heidi Roizen & David Mohler.

It’s a tough ticket to get… "CEO’s Only" kinda thing.

Measured by any standards, it’s a pretty impressive crowd.

SDForum’s Laura Merling, Barbara Cass, and crew did their usual amazing job creating one of the most special and memorable awards events in technology.

This year honored Carol Bartz (CEO of Autodesk), Bill Draper (the original west coast VC — also the original good guy in VC, too!), and Carly Fiorina — everyone’s head-scratching choice. 

Regardless of what you think of Carly, she is intelligent, approachable, and well-spoken.  I think she exhibited tremendous courage and poise, just what you’d expect in a CEO.

Also honored was fellow Microsoft employee Ray Ozzie

Ray’s company, Groove Networks, got acquired about a month before MessageCast, which makes Ray my senior at Microsoft by about 30 days… so he graciously volunteered to be my mentor at Microsoft… ! <smile>


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