Power Dogs of Silicon Valley

Posted: June 25, 2005 in Uncategorized

Today is a special day.  It was exactly five years ago today that the San Jose Mercury News ran their first "Power Dogs of Silicon Valley" list.

Someone recently commented on Otis & Foxy — the two Dobermans (Dobermen?) in the picture on my blog — and this reminded me of the anniversary.

Sadly, Otis & Foxy — twin brother & sister — passed away a few years back.  Before our daughter, they were like our first born.

Anyone that is a crazy animal lover out there would know what I’m talking about.

We used to joke that Otis "was a little boy trapped in a dog’s body."  Think of a dog with a conscience wanting to do good but always ending up with flour on his face.  That’s Otis.

Foxy, on the other hand, was the brain.  She knew how door knobs worked and could open any door.  We once found Foxy leading around Otis by a leash, true story.

Professionally, their proudest day was when they cracked this very competitive Top 10 list!

That’s why I chose that picture to put on my blog… I can’t help but look at it and have such fond memories.

I ran into Gordon Eubanks at this year’s SDForum’s Visionary event and reminded him of this anniversary and I can’t remember seeing Gordon smile so thoroughly and completely… seems it’s a good memory for all of us.


Here’s the Year 2000 Top 20 "Power Dogs of Silicon Valley" List:

(1)   CHIEF (John Hummer, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners)

(2)   ROCKY (T.J. Rodgers, Cypress Semiconductor)

(3)   NETWORK (Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems)

(4)   ERNEST (Al Shugart, Seagate)

(5)   ROYAL SUNSET (Gordon Eubanks, Symantec)

(6)   BLEZA (David Hayden, Critical Path)

(7)   OTIS & FOXY (Royal & Laurie Farros)

(8)   ROCKET & RAMJET (Heidi Roizen, Mobius Venture Capital)

(9)   TULE & GHILLIE (Tom Jermoluk, Excite AtHome)

(10)  HOLLY & SNICKERS (Carol Bartz, Autodesk)

(11)  SHADOW (John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins)

(12)  CHOW (Steve Jobs, Apple Computers)

(13)  KUVASZE & LAB (Jim Clark, Netscape)

(14)  YORKSHIRE (Carly Fiorina, ex-Hewlett Packard)

(15)  CLAIRBORNE, LILY, & MILO (Marc Andreessen, Netscape)

(16)  SHEEP DOG (Vinod Khosla, Kleiner Perkins)

(17)  TAHOE (Brook Byers, Kleiner Perkins)

(18)  WINSTON (Katrina Garnett, Crossworlds Software)

(19)  POSEY (Jean Hollands, Growth & Leadership Center)

(20)  KOLA (Anita Borg, Institute for Women and Technology)


I wonder what this list would look like today?


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