The Roomba Rocks!

Posted: September 22, 2005 in Uncategorized
Wanted to wait until I had a little more usage under my belt… but I can’t contain myself: 
The Roomba — that robotic vacuum cleaner that Brad Feld and Dave Hodson have bragged so much about — absolutely rocks!
It’s a kick to watch… almost mesmerizing.  It’s now even my daughter’s favorite toy.
And go figure this:  I like cleaning out the dust bin because I get to see all the work that we’re not doing.
When was the last time you got excited about a vacuum cleaner?
Guess that’s the point of this post, though… maybe it’s not the Roomba per se, maybe it’s the thrill of taking the first step into the future.
George Jetson, here we come!
P.S.  Anyone have any experience with Robomow?  That’s next on my hit list.
UPDATE:  My wife just put a curfew on my Roomba activities!  Can you believe that, getting accused of vacuuming too much?!
  1. Brad says:

    My Roomba Scheduler is on its way. With Scheduler, you can program your Roomba to turn itself on, clean the house, and then go back to its dock when it\’s done. Amy will be so happy when it arrives.