Happy Birthday, Billg

Posted: September 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
Microsoft turns 30 today… big bash in Redmond… happy birthday, Billg! 
Regardless of all the stuff flying around these days, what an amazing achievement. 
In the biggest understatement of the year, guess you already know that it’s something to be really proud of. <g>
UPDATE:  Microsoft rented out Safeco Field (home of baseball’s Seattle Mariners) to hold its annual company meeting. 
About 16,000 Microsofties showed up, filling the stadium from the first base side all the way around to the third base line. 
But — I couldn’t resist — I snuck into the dugout and watched from there. 
Anyone that has ever dreamed of playing major league baseball would have to agree:  Could there ever be a better seat in the house?!  Was awesome!
As for the company meeting, the major themes were pipeline, pipeline, and pipeline. 
With Xbox, Office 12, and Vista queued up for the next 12 months — plus a huge dose of everything else (like a killer new Hotmail, new Messenger, new Alerts <smile>) splattered in between — 2006 really does look like something to pay attention to.
Maybe most surprising — and for the first time in a long time — I was actually wowed by an application demo:  The new interface on Word looks slick… and I already need the new Powerpoint, some very bitchin’ new features.

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