Most Surprising Fact From Web 2.0 Conference

Posted: October 11, 2005 in Uncategorized
One of the best analysts around, Safa Rashtchy of PiperJaffray, held what was probably the most interesting and entertaining session at Web 2.0.
(Disclaimer:  Safa was one of a half dozen or so analysts who covered back in the day.)
Safa got together a group of five teens — ages 15 through 18 — and asked them tech questions. 
Could have been a disaster, but as is so often the case with youth and innocence, the entire session was delightfully entertaining and incredibly informative.
No doubt, these kids were way tech-savvy. 
For example, Safa was trying to get a sense of where these kids buy things online… and asked the question, "Suppose you were buying a CD player… " … to which they all responded in a dumbfounded way, "why would we ever buy a CD player?
As in, this is truly the MP3/flash memory/Bit Torrent/iPod generation.
What blew me — and the entire audience — away, though, was these very tech savvy kids knew nothing about Skype — the nearly free VoIP telephone service — even with its $4.1 billion acquisition by eBay splattered all over the news.
Kids who virtually live in cyberspace not knowing anything about free phone calls?  That’s almost impossible to comprehend.
Unless, of course, you think about who pays their phone bill.
Ah, their parents.
Now things make more sense. <grin><groan>

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