OK, Microsoft is Now Officially PISSED

Posted: October 14, 2005 in Uncategorized
I think I just saw the exact moment a sleeping giant awoke.  Microsoft is now officially pissed.
So here’s my blog observation:
I’ve always said Microsoft wins because at critically crucial crossroads, it figures out how to adapt, then competes like the heavy-weight prize fighter it is.
Think IBM & OS/2.
Think desktop applications.
Think browsers.
Think completely trashing a $1.5 billion investment in a proprietary network to embrace "the Internet." 
Microsoft gets on the ropes, regroups, figures it out, and regardless of cost (since Microsoft has all the money in the world), starts pummeling. 
And getting bloody. 
Not to be misunderstood:  I firmly believe that the online advertising space is going to get SO BIG that all the big players are going to get fat for the rest of the decade, most especially Google and Yahoo. 
But, anyone that thinks Microsoft is already down-for-the-count is — to their eventual chagrin — going to get blindsided.
This isn’t just me "drinking the kool-aid," it’s history:  It’s just how things work around here.
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