DMA ’05: From #165 to #2

Posted: October 17, 2005 in Uncategorized
Last year, we practically begged the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) to include a panel on RSS and alerts.
Wait a minute, we did beg.
It was the very, very, very last panel on the schedule… panel # 165.
Ever stayed for the very, very, very last panel at a conference?  Yes, well, that explains why there were only a few dozen hearty souls that attended.
Bully for them, they got the head start!
Fast forward 12 months. 
I’m in Atlanta for this year’s giant DMA conference.
We’re now in what show organizers call the "spotlight session"… essentially the #2 positioned session of the conference!
What a difference a year makes… you think RSS has people’s attentions now?

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