GOOG Messin’ With MSFT?

Posted: January 21, 2006 in Uncategorized
When GOOG announced that its earning call was Tues, Jan 31st… the very last day of January… I thought it might be a problem. 
Most well-run high-tech companies pride themselves on closing the quarter quickly and efficiently.  Any delayed announcement usually means something has gummed up the works, never a good thing.
But, as I looked at my earnings calendar and saw MSFT’s Thurs, Jan 26th announcement date, it struck me: 
Do you think the GOOG folks are just trying to overshadow MSFT?  I mean, this is just the type of prank that GOOG (a.k.a., a bunch of college kids) would pull.
I always said that a huge part of Microsoft’s success was it got more free publicity than any company on the face of the earth.
So, I wonder how much MSFT’s timing influenced GOOG’s… and if Google just stole another page from Microsoft’s playbook?

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