Now Proven: Modern Art Is “Intellectual Bullshit”

Posted: January 26, 2006 in Uncategorized
I’ve often said that modern art is simply intellectual bullshit.
Not that I don’t love modern art… I do.  But I look at it as entertainment, both visually and intellectually.
I remember a curator talking about a piece of modern art.  "Look at the coolness pervading off the canvas!"
What?!  It’s a white, unpainted canvas! 
The fact that someone could really delve into it — not the artwork (there was nothing there!) — but the concept of what is supposed to be there was highly entertaining, almost challenging to me.
I mentioned this belief to a friend in a throw away conversation about a year ago… and guess what?  She went off and did her graduate thesis on it!  150 pages of why modern art is simply intellectual bullshit.
Awesome!  Bullshit about bullshit.  <smile>
  1. Unknown says:

    Good things can grow from bullshit