Keifer Sutherland And Julie Roberts Are Back Together!

Posted: February 19, 2006 in Uncategorized
Well, not quite.  My wife and a gaggle of friends have descended on LA… excellent star watching at the Four Seasons… Kiefer Sutherland of Lost Boys and 24 fame just passed Ann W. in the hallway, which immediately prompted Liz B. to run out in the hallway — in her underwear — to look.
Turns out they also saw Kiefer kissing a woman before getting in his car. 
Now, no one knows who this woman is… but, I just know it’s Kiefer and Julia getting back together!
What a scandal.  What a scoop.  You heard it here first! <s.e.g.>
UPDATE:  This actually happened yesterday around 11:22am.  Like a bonehead, I forgot to hit the "Publish Now" button.  There goes my scoop! <groan>

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