Naked Conversations and Web 2.0 Get TechCrunched

Posted: February 19, 2006 in Technology and Business
Went to a big book launch party Fri night — hosted by TechCrunch, an awesome source for Web 2.0 info and written by all around all-star Michael Arrington.
Was packed.
And fun!
The new book is called Naked Conversations, written by ubber blogger Robert Scoble and PR expert Shel Israel*. 
Think of it as teaching old dogs (corporations) necessary tricks (blogging) to survive in a connected world.
What made the party fun?  Why, Web 2.0 did.
What’s Web 2.0?
What everyone is now officially calling the current period of development we’re in… essentially the second leg of development in a totally connected world. 
(See my 8 Oct 2005 post, "Web 2.0 — Intel’s Biggest Mistake That Nobody Talks About" for more on Web 2.0.)
There’s nothing like being in the early or romantic phase of a new period…
…where everything is still relatively small and intimate… where everyone knows everyone… where good, interesting, exciting things are happening… where VC $’s are j-u-s-t beginning to flow… where anything and everything is possible.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have been on the front lines during a few of these periods.  It’s certainly energizing to be back in one again.
P.S.  Way back when, Shel was our first outside PR person at T/Maker… and, interestingly enough, we were his first client <smile>.

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