“Symbols For Our Times”

Posted: February 27, 2006 in Uncategorized
Read one of those "stop and take pause" articles by Marc Gellman of Newsweek today.
He wrote it because of the passing of Don Knotts, who never achieved superstardom, but rather, maybe something more:  A regular face in everyone’s family throughout the 60’s and 70’s.
Marc highlighted the sad loss of Knotts as well as James Doohan — Scotty on Star Trek — and Bob Denver — everyone’s favorite Gilligan on Gilligan’s Island.
Marc related each star’s signature character to real world stuff.  I thought Scotty’s was particularly touching:
     "Scotty represents all of us who are constantly asked to do the impossible and to meet unreasonable deadlines by bosses who just don’t understand that you can’t run engines at warp speed after Klingons have blasted the engine room.  I think mainly of the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan now and of how every day they are asked by well-meaning bosses to go out there and do a job that everyone knows is impossibly hard but most people know must still be done if Iraq is to be stabilized, so that the Middle East can be stabilized, so that the war on terror can be won.  If that example is too politically incendiary for you, then perhaps you might think of the linemen who repair power lines in the winter during a storm, or think of single mothers raising kids with not enough money or help, or think of clergy folk trying to get people out of the malls and off the golf courses on the weekends and into church or synagogue on the Sabbath.  So many people I know feel like Scotty and so few like Captain Kirk.  So many of us say, “I canno give ya more power captain.  The engines are already overloaded!” And then…we do."
Marc summed up best what I was feeling in his opening paragraph:
     "May God receive their souls into the world where everyone is a star and where every life is syndicated."
  1. cap says:

    It\’s heartening to see that talent and sensitivity like Marc\’s are well received.
    Take care,
    The Flounder

  2. Unknown says:

    "Barney, your parents anniversary is coming up, are you going to get them a present?\’
    \’Yep, Andy, I bought them a new septic tank.\’
    \’Your a good man Barney!\’
    \’I know it Andy, I know it."