Being Blind

Posted: March 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
Was brushing up on some telephony stuff.  Came across a review from a blind user — yes, a blind user.
My mind started wandering.  Sure, we all know what it means to be blind… but do we really know just how dramatically and radically different every hour of every day would be?
As if normal life isn’t challenging enough… shopping for food… doing your laundry… balancing your checkbook… meeting new friends… think about how difficult it would be to conduct simple, normal business?
Close your eyes and walk around your house or office.  It soon becomes a frightening experience.
I have always been mesmerized watching a blind person perform what is considered the most simplest of functions:  Walking down a street.
I now know why:  I am looking at pure courage and indomitable spirit.
I think blind people — really, anyone that lives with a life-changing handicap — are my heroes.
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