Bash or Compliment?

Posted: March 24, 2006 in Uncategorized
Here’s another comment on Marketwatch’s Frank Barnako piece this morning.
I can’t tell if it is pro or con Google?
It’s short, read it for yourself:  "Google faulted for ‘insularity’".
Already that sounds bad.
It pairs "intense focus," which is generally considered good and I wish the Vista and Office teams had more intense focus over the last few years… with "insular," which now makes "intense focus" sound myopic.
It says that Google has an "unwillingness to engage external people in its world," which is odd because Google’s main business is engaging (connecting) external people with the external world.
It even criticizes Google for driving "visitors to other sites rather than holding onto them with content."
Aren’t search engines supposed to do this?
Finally — almost as an after-thought — the piece acknowledges that all of this lets Google MONETIZE MILLIONS OF EXTERNAL WEB SITES AND BLOGS.
Oh, yeah, I forgot, Google’s done pretty well doing that.
I can’t tell if the JupiterResearch piece Frank was reporting on — or just Frank’s reporting — was more schitzo.
But, this is a great example of how information can be spun in any direction. 
P.S.  Probably good examples of this in my blog, too. <chagrinned look>  Evil or human nature?  Probably some academic/Darwin thing to interpret and editorialize basic information before the next guy… ?  Ah, welcome to the blogosphere! <smile>

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