Big Dollar Shift

Posted: March 24, 2006 in Uncategorized
Marketwatch’s Frank Barnako had this segment in his morning Internet Daily column:
     Online advertising to take more TV ad dollars
     "Four out of five national advertisers say they are looking to spend more money on Web advertising, and they worry that video on demand and digital video recorders threaten the effectiveness of traditional 30-second TV spots. In survey results presented at a forum sponsored by the Association of National Advertisers, three out of four advertisers said they now have less confidence in TV ads than they did two years ago. Instead, nearly half said they are weighing alternatives including interactive advertising during TV programs and online ads."
This is the kind of survey result you would expect to see in a revolution.  These will be big dollars shifting online.
Note, I consider, "interactive advertising during TV programs" to be online advertising. 
Said another way, online advertising is anything electronic that can be directly measured… which we’ll be able to do with interactive TV.
P.S.  I’ve enjoyed Frank Barnako’s stuff for years.  However, he’s probably the only press person I’ve never been able to get a hold of… so I have to admit, like the Wizard of Oz, I’ve often  wondered if he’s actually real. <ouch>

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