Long Thread B*tch

Posted: April 8, 2006 in Uncategorized
Woke up early to try to catch up on some work.
Was greeted by two ENORMOUS threads… looping me in at the last minute… without any summary or specific question.
Come on.  Don’t make me guess at what you’re looking for… either ask a direct question, summarize pertinent points, or best, cut out the crap in the thread that is irrelevant.
I think a little more consideration in corporate email can probably save the world billions in wasted effort.
P.S.  Guess this is the electronic version of my, "Too-Many-People-In-A-Meeting" bitch.  I always try to ask the unpopular question, "Do we all really need to be here?"
  1. Unknown says:

    Better question "How does this make our customer happy?"
    Sorry, laughing my ass off, because I see it too much myself…
    If I weren\’t laughing I\’d be crying