An Extraordinary Woman Passes

Posted: May 7, 2006 in Uncategorized
An ordinary woman passed away on Friday. 
An ordinary person who had an extraordinary husband, credited with some of the early pioneering work with video tape…
…and three extraordinary kids…
…one of which is one of the very best programmers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with and who graciously gave a still wet-behind-the-ears college graduate a shot in the software industry…
…and the other a friend who’s more like a sister, my business partner of a dozen years, and someone who I know will go down in history as this era’s First Lady of Silicon Valley.
What’s more, this ordinary woman has extraordinary grand kids… who in turn gave birth to extraordinary great grand kids.
I worked with this ordinary woman for many years.  Like many of us that strive to accomplish, she displayed a range of emotions — passion, creativity, strong-headedness, and unrelenting focus — sometimes all at the same time!
What I observed most from working with Giselle Roizen was a person that loved her family intensely… would do anything for her family.
And now I have finally put 2-and-2 together:  I don’t believe it’s an accident that greatness surrounded Giselle. 
I believe — in a very odd and sometimes disguised and baffling way — it’s how she planned for everything to turn out.
In the end, I’m filled with great admiration and warmth about just how extraordinary that is.
Rest well, dear woman.

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