Surprise! Brand Ads Are Back

Posted: May 30, 2006 in Uncategorized
Earlier this month David Kesmodel of the Wall Street Journal Online did a great piece on the return of brand advertising to the web
Here’s the best summary of the article:
     At the same time, analysts say, display advertising appears to be making a comeback, on track to grow faster than search ads over the next few years. The resurgence is being driven by an unlikely source: brand advertisers. Those are some of the same companies that first experimented with — and later abandoned — banner ads during the Web’s early days.
 My favorite quote is from John Vail, director of interactive marketing for Pepsi-Cola:

     "It’s all about getting incremental exposure," Mr. Vail said. "We basically use online as an overall extension of our communication. Consumers are spending nearly 20% of their time online, so we’re going where the consumers are."


(Reminds me of what Willie Sutton said when a reporter asked him why he robs banks:  "Because that’s where the money is.")


So much of my time in the last six months (last few years?) has been spent thinking about how to monetize small formatted things (like our Alerts). 
I’ve come to the conclusion that the only effective — and non distracting — way to do this is with small, simple "sponsored by" brand advertising.
‘Nuff said for now. <smile>

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