Scoble Once Again Teaches MSFT A Valuable Lesson

Posted: June 12, 2006 in Uncategorized
I’ve been saying this for a while… but Robert Scoble’s departure for podcasting all-star John Furrier’s new company PodTech clearly illustrates an important point about who Microsoft is really competing against.
Yahoo?  Oracle?  Open source?
No.  No.  And no.
Little tiny venture backed startups?
Why work for MSFT, GOOG, YHOO, or any other big public company that has the potential to double within five years…
…when you can work for a tiny venture backed startup, get paid about the same amount of money, love what you do (so the time flies by), and get a boat-load of options that have the potential to 20x within 24 months?
Clearly — IMHO — big companies need to invent a totally separate SPECTACULARLY KILLER employment track for the very best & brightest… else, they’ll keep joining startups.  Why wouldn’t they?
Ah, Robert Scoble doesn’t even realize it and he’s still trying to open MSFT’s eyes to the realities of the new world.

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