No Shoe Dropped

Posted: June 14, 2006 in Uncategorized
The greatest success you can have on your first day as CEO taking over an existing company is this:
     No shoe dropped.
All organizations inevitably have something broken with them.  I was expecting to get the ‘ole, "now that you’re part of the family, we really need to discuss this situation… ". 
Would have been somewhat normal, actually.
But this didn’t happen.
So, after one day:  So far, so good. <smile>
P.S.  I know, I know, I just jinxed day two.  <g>
  1. Kevan says:

    Hi Royal. As a long-time (former) member of the DesignCAD team, I\’d like to say "welcome to the fold".
    If you haven\’t already done so, I hope you\’ll take a look at the user forums for both DesignCAD and TurboCAD — sort of take the  users\’ pulse, if you will.
    Both TurboCAD and DesignCAD are great products, but for the last few years have been held by corporations whose goals shifted with every change in the wind. I hope you\’ll help ensure a much-needed steady focus on quality and support for both product lines.
    Best wishes!
    Kevan Chapman

  2. Royal Farros says:

    Kevan, thx!

  3. Unknown says:

    Hello Royal,The 3rd came and went quietly, so I guess you\’re keeping the farm. :-)Welcome to world of TurboCAD! Stop in and visit the Beta testers (George McNamara can show you the way). It would be nice to hear from the new boss, since most management won\’t venture in to hear what\’s wrong with their product or tell us anything. Good luck with this venture,John R.

  4. Royal Farros says:

    JohnR, sorry for belated response and thx for nice thoughts.
    Two things:
    (1)  Learning LOTS about what\’s wrong… I\’m a product guy so it is actually physically impossible for me not to gravitate to these things. <g>
    (2)  We\’ve already started redirecting internal resources to create better community communication — hey, this is 2006, it\’s time for a bit of transparency, eh?

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