Billg Version 2.0

Posted: June 15, 2006 in Uncategorized
Wow.  Steve Ballmer sent MSFT employees "an important 1:30pm announcement" email at 1:09pm today. 
That never happens, something so rushed… and just after the market closed.  Speculation in the halls was rampant:
     "Betcha we’ve bought Yahoo!"
     "No way, someone high ranking is resigning."
     "Nah, it’s eBay, we’re buying eBay."
     "Quick, check what MSFT is trading in the after hours… up a lot… GOOG’s down… see, must be a big acquisition!"
And so on.
Must say, those 21 minutes were way too much fun, glad I was here cleaning up some loose ends!
P.S.  Ended up none of the above… was Billg discussing his transition plans… something that’s been thoroughly signaled to the market over the last few years.
  1. Unknown says:

    Good luck on the new ventures!!

  2. Royal Farros says:

    Thx, always an adventure. <smile>