What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Posted: July 19, 2006 in Uncategorized
Me?  Nothing.  Sorry I’ve been so absent. 
With IMSI/Design?  A lot of necessary administrative stuff with recent acquisition.  But also a lot of really great progress on our new direction… now that’s fun stuff.
With Brand>Bullet?  One step forward, 3/4ths step back.  A reminder that it’s not easy working outside the sacred walls.
With YHOO?  Apparently nothing.  28% growth and hitting consensus was overshadowed by a delayed in ad engine optimizations and, most importantly, "only" reaffirmed guidance for rest of year.  Got a lot of investors asking YHOO — or is that screaming? — what have you done for them lately?
  1. Unknown says:

    Mr. Farros,
    I invite you to have a WEBEX online meeting with Rob Berry / Dave Taylor and myself to discuss TurboCAD.
    At CADCourse we have always attempted to provide the TurboCAD community with top notch service and training materials. Please feel free to contact me or CADCourse directly.
    We look forward to meeting you online to exchange thoughts on the development of TurboCAD and FloorPlan.
    Jack Zimmer
    CADCourse Architectural Services

  2. Royal Farros says:

    Ouch… Jack, sorry for the delayed response, unfortunately been swamped so haven\’t been able to blog much.  Got a note from Robert yesterday, still getting my arounds around things here, but looking forward to connecting with everyone shortly.  Please feel free to use company email, too… also, I\’ll cc: you and Dave on my note to Robert.