VoIP Will Succeed Because It Sucks Less Than Cell

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Uncategorized
VoIP stands for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol.
Think of VoIP simply as telephone calls made over computer lines at a tiny fraction of normal costs.
Which means you can also think of VoIP — potentially — as the destruction of the telecommunications industry as we know it.
Problem with VoIP is that it really has inferior quality vs. landlines.
Normally I’d say that’s a HUGE differentiator.  It’s like watching TV with a fuzzy signal… unacceptable.
Or is it?
Cell phone quality — which absolutely sucks — but which we’ve all gotten so used to — is actually making VoIP look pretty darn good.
Happened to me the other night.  The VoIP-to-cell connection was a mess.  But the call back on the VoIP-to-landline connection — after the cruddy initial connection — seemed acceptable and, in fact, downright clear in comparison… even after the VoIP line went dark for five seconds!
Go figure, when was the last time in tech that lowering the bar was good for all concerned?

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