“Cell Sucks” Case In Point

Posted: September 2, 2006 in Uncategorized
Cell connections suck, I don’t know how people live this way.
Case in point:  I was using a cell yesterday, asked my most excellent friend Dave Jaffe (who was sitting in front of a computer) to email a reminder note to me.
The note was, "hook Greg up with Shutterfly."
The note I got was, "hook Greg up with shedder slein."
It actually took me a few moments to decipher.
I can only imagine the problems that this kind of miscommunication causes on a global scale!
P.S.  Normally, I’d say a cell connection is better than nothing… but, come on, a decade into the cell phone revolution and quality is still about as good as two tin cans on a string… ?  Ugh.

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