A Big Day For Greece

Posted: September 3, 2006 in Uncategorized
I’m one of two Greek-Irish Americans in the tech industry.  (The other is ubber blogger Jason Calacanis.)
Bitter sweet day:  The U.S. lost in the World Basketball Championships… stunned by — you guessed it — Greece.
For years my heart has been heavy thinking about Greece.
When you think about Italy, you think about fashion, fast cars, sports, food, and wine… essentially a culture that enjoys itself.
Similar thoughts about countries like France and Germany (well, in Germany you think beer <smile><hic>).
But, when you think about Greece, what comes to mind?  Olive oil?  A 2,500 year old motel (so to speak) on a hill in the center of town?
My point is:  There isn’t much of a national pride thing going on in Greece.  In fact, I’ve often remarked that Greek Americans seem to have more pride in Greece than native Greeks!
That’s why having the Olympics in Greece was so important… looks like a good trend has started.. if any country needs to win at something on the global stage, it’s Greece.

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