In Search Of Web 2.0

Posted: September 18, 2006 in Uncategorized
Blogger extraordinaire and nice guy Steve Rubel threw a few more cents into the "What’s the definition of Web 2.0" debate this morning. 
Here was my comment:
But I think it’s even simpler than that.
We all have the need to know where we are relative to where we were
What time it is?  What day?  What year?  What grade are we in?  Etc.
Years ago, we used to track technical progress via the name of the Intel chip… i.e., 286, 386, etc.
Unbelievably, Intel gave up the privilege to name tech cycles, which threw us all into a tizzy.
Web 2.0 is just a way to get us back on a naming track.
Of course, Web 2.0 is "bigger/better/faster/stronger" than Web 1.0 on so many levels… hence, the difficulty (and discomfort) of pinpointing a definition.
No doubt, since tech moves in five year cycles, Web 3.0 will emerge just about the time we’ve all agreed on the definition of Web 2.0. <smile>

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