And While We’re Piling On

Posted: December 4, 2006 in Uncategorized
While we’re piling on, here’s a piece that came out in the Financial Times today. 
The headline says it all: 
     Newspapers forecast to lose ads to net
I so want to say, "duh"… but that’s not too constructive… so here are a few good numbers:
*  Elaboration (and triangulation) what Ted Leonsis said below:  That consumers in US, Japan, and UK spend 21.9% of media time online but only 6.8% of advertisers’ budgets go to that medium
*  ZenithOptimedia forecasts internet advertising to grow 28.2% next year vs. 3.9% for the rest of the industry.
That’s the secular shift Barron’s doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge.

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