It’s Dangerous When The Press Tries To Think

Posted: February 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
I might consider renaming this blog, "How-Many-Ways-Can-The-Press-Misrepresent-A-Story" blog.
Everyone’s reporting how Steve Ballmer threw cold water on Microsoft’s Vista story.
Headlines have been ugly… both in print and on CNBC… essentially everyone’s expectations of Microsoft’s revenues are too high.
Consequently, the stock has been hit, trading down a couple % points.
I don’t get it.
Here’s a quote from a Reuters’ piece ("Vista revenue forecasts too aggressive"):
     When one analyst told Ballmer that he was forecasting for 6 percent growth in the Windows business for the 2008 fiscal year starting in July, the CEO laughed and said that was a "small but not tiny" number.
Hmmm.  That sounds like Steve was saying that forecast wasn’t aggressive enough.
But, try to find that in any MSFT headlines today.

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