Google Will Be A $32 Billion Company in 2011

Posted: February 23, 2007 in Uncategorized
Interesting report from Piper Jaffray today (as reported by stating that online advertising will be $81 billion by 2011.
I think that’s conservative:  Overall ad market is $400-$600 billion, which says that the online piece will only be 14%-20%.  I think it will be closer to 30% in 2011, or $120-$180 billion, especially as ITV (Interactive TV) kicks in.
If we use the $81 billion — and Google is 25%-40% of the market (and they will be) — this means GOOG will be a $20-$32 billion company in 2011.
If my range is correct, however, GOOG will be a $30-$72 billion company… and that’s assuming the overall ad market doesn’t grow, which isn’t the case.
As I’m fond of saying, GOOG will be a $20 billion company before anyone knows it.

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