The Revolution Coming Soon To A TV Near You

Posted: April 2, 2007 in Uncategorized
Just read about the Google/EchoStar hook-up.  Here’s another brilliantly simple concept from Google: 
     Each day, Google will analyze anonymous data culled from the set-top boxes of the Dish network subscribers and only bill advertisers for the segment of the audience that watched a commercial a designated amount of time.
The article goes on to quote a VP of
     The ability to quickly analyze how many households watched a specific ad is one of the best things about Google’s system, said Steve Jarmon, vice president of brand communications and partnerships for  "We are really intrigued with the idea," Jarmon said. "We think these measures could give us a much more accurate picture of how our money is being spent."
So here is the value proposition for TV advertisers today: 
     You pay me upfront, then we can both guess at how many people actually saw the ad.
And here is what Google is proposing: 
     We know how many people actually saw the ad, so you only pay me for those folks.
Pay for performance.  Immediate feedback.  Same elements Google used to dominate online advertising. 
What a freakin’, stone cold, drop dead, no brainer for TVland.
  1. Unknown says:

    Yep I agree, freakin\’ brilliant…