Head Over Heels Grand Opening… !

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Uncategorized
Almost two years ago, my wife Laurie and I were in a high-end shoe store which she absolutely, head over heels fell in love with.
I looked around and said, "I don’t know what the big deal is, you can do this."
And do this she did!
Giant kudos to Laurie and her business partner Sara — a lot of people dream… Laurie and Sara made it a reality by opening the most exclusive footwear and accessories boutique in the entire Silicon Valley!
If you are a woman, this will be a religious experience.  Trust me!
Head Over Heels is located at 887 Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, CA.  (Right next to Draeger’s Market and Peet’s Coffee.) 
(We’ll be selling online in the next few weeks.  Do you think I’d be involved with something that wasn’t?  <smile>)
  1. mike says:

    head over heels Alerts…!  ;)

  2. Corey says:

    Hey Royal!  
    Thats terrific news.  Give Laurie a huge hug from Melissa, Rowan and myself on her success.
    Things are going terrific hear in Chicago.  Rowan is running and sleeping, Melissa is running after Rowan and then sleeping and I\’ve been given a significant opportunity to Plan, Project Manage and be the driving force (i.e. ass on the line) for Hitachi Consulting\’s international implementation of SharePoint 2007.  Which unfortunately means that I only really see Rowan on the weekends.
    We miss you guys a lot. 

  3. Royal Farros says:

    Corey, wouldn\’t expect anything less from a busy new family.  <smile>  We missed you guys for the opening, too… you would both be so proud of Laurie… !