Unlike Dell and Jobs, Yang Doesn’t Commit to YHOO

Posted: June 18, 2007 in Uncategorized
Everyone knows founder Michael Dell saw his company in disarray and, without hesitating, stepped back into an operating role to save it.
Everyone knows Steve Jobs did something similar.
Everyone reporting on the YHOO shareholder meeting missed something really important…
…and that was, Jerry Yang, co-founder of YHOO, was challenged to do something similar… fill the most desperately needed position at Yahoo, which is that of CTO/technologist/visionary.
Unbelievably, when a shareholder suggested this, Yahoo CEO Terry Semel treated the question like it was a joke, saying something like, "well, sure, Jerry, what do you think, I’m not sure you want that career path, do you?" or something equally as inappropriately sarcastic.
Turns out that was a great suggestion. 
And, if Semel was a great CEO, he would have already lobbied Jerry to fill that role.  Duh.
And, if Jerry is a great founder, he would be seriously considering leaping back into the fight right now… he is, after all, a respected technologist and a real voice in the industry, just what Yahoo doctor ordered.
Alas, the suggestion was snobbishly brushed off by the pair. 
Says a lot.

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