GOOG $700

Posted: July 5, 2007 in Technology and Business
Am I the first to set a 24-month GOOG price target at $700?
Here’s my logic:
Quarter-to-quarter growth of 7.5% during 2007, 6.25% in 2008, and 5% in 2009.
A lot of the same assumptions I made with my first target here and here.
     Q1 ’07     $3.7b
     Q2 ’07     $3.9b
     Q3 ’07     $4.2b
     Q4 ’07     $4.6b
     Q1 ’08     $4.8b
     Q2 ’08     $5.1b
     Q3 ’08     $5.5b
     Q4 ’08     $5.8b
     Q1 ’09     $6.1b
     Q2 ’09     $6.4b
So, $6.4b x 4 quarters x 8 multiple + a bit extra since GOOG continues to surprise everyone = a 24-month price target of $700.
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