Jerry, Please Don’t Do Anything Bold

Posted: July 25, 2007 in Uncategorized
Everyone is saying Jerry Yang, the new CEO and co-founder of Yahoo!, has to do something bold. 
That’s not YHOO’s problem.
Hard to believe given the press, but YHOO does have a good business:  Good financials that reflect a lot of loyal, paying customers.
YHOO’s problem is that it’s compared to the greatest company of all time. 
Why is GOOG the greatest company of all time? 
For a lot of reasons.  But here’s an important one:  Like all great companies, while GOOG has a lot of irons in the fire, it makes damn well sure it executes on the important thing.
YHOO, in contrast, has seemed to focus on everything but the important thing.
That’s what Jerry needs to do… that Semel was incapable of doing because he wasn’t a tech guy… get YHOO to execute on the Panama stuff… as well as making damn sure Panama Version 2.0 ships on time… as well as making damn sure Panama Version 3.0 is absolutely killer.
Essentially, good ole fashioned product management stuff.
Just ship, baby.  And make it great!
P.S.  Thanks, Tom, for inspiring this post. <smile>

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