“Pondering Google’s Greatness”

Posted: July 27, 2007 in Uncategorized
Adam Lashinsky had an interesting piece yesterday, "Pondering Google’s Greatness."
It’s something that has been on my mind.
The interesting quote:
     Google so far has been able to avoid answering the question of whether its chaotic nature is by design or whether it’s merely holding onto the handles of one incredibly fast roller-coaster ride.
He never really answers that question… but I think my response to him does (and, yes, it’s by design):
I enjoy your stuff. 
Google is great — by design — because they don’t worry about efficiency… they worry about effectiveness.
In big business, effectiveness means progress… efficiency means bureaucracy.
I’ve done business dev with all the major online players.  Doing something with Google is a couple week effort. 
With anyone else, months, if not quarters.
That’s why it seems like Google is sprinting… and everyone else is running in place:  Google actually gets stuff done.
And, Google is faster to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
I used to think Google’s "Chaos Theory of Management" meant that GOOG would eventually collapse onto itself.
Now I realize that Google is a model for modern businesses working at the speed of the Internet:  Everyone else adapts or gets left in the dust.
–Royal Farros.
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