Decker Has More Balls Than Semel

Posted: August 10, 2007 in Technology and Business
Here’s a breath of fresh air: Sue Decker, YHOO president, buys $1.1 million of YHOO stock.
Not converting stock options (she does that, too)… but an open market purchase… that’s the real deal, what we "average" shareholders do.
     Decker’s buy was "just the fourth by any Yahoo insider in more than four years; and, the largest by any Yahoo insider in more than four years," InsiderScore analysts wrote in a research note on Friday.
Guess Semel didn’t believe the rhetoric he was feeding shareholders over the last four years.
Decker, on the other hand, just stepped to the plate.
P.S.  Reminds me of when Microsoft was on the ropes (I think late 80’s) and Steve Ballmer stepped up and bought a ton of stock… they still talk about that purchase around Microsoft to this day.

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