What Was Yahoo’s Board Thinking?

Posted: September 29, 2007 in Technology and Business
Recently had lunch with a Yahoo! manager. 
I asked her what she thought of former YHOO CEO Terry Semel. 
She said, "oh, you mean the guy that stayed at the Four Seasons in SF and took a limo back & forth to Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale each day?"  [About an hour ride each way.]
Of course, this is on top of the private aircraft YHOO shareholders provided Semel to commute from his LA home each week.
If that kind of unmitigated corporate waste wasn’t bad enough, what she said next is what everyone in the industry has suspected all along:
"Yeah, he really was checked out for the last year and a half or so."
Unbelievable that the board let all of that go on for as long as it did.  Shame on them.

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