Still Value in ValueClick

Posted: October 16, 2007 in Technology and Business
ValueClick is having a rough morning.
They warned that Q3 revenues will be at the low end of their prior guidance… but reaffirmed EPS within prior guidance. 
Cause was continued weakness in their lead generation business (the troublemaker over the last few months), partially offset by — what most media outlets failed to pick up — better than expected results in their Comparison Shopping segment
They also issued a slight downtick to 2007 estimates but cited that they believe their lead generation business has now stabilized.
So, while negative news is never good, the negative news isn’t horrible… and there are some positives. 
All in all, is it worth a 10% slam to the stock price this morning?  Or, is this just another example of overreaction?
I think the latter.  VCLK is still trading up around 10% since my mention… and up around 30% when I originally started the post.  I continue to believe there is value in the online advertising segment for lots of players, including ValueClick.
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