GOOG At $1,000?

Posted: November 4, 2007 in Technology and Business
I sooo want to move my two-year price target for GOOG to $1,000.
But I can’t.
Not because I don’t think it’s going to continue to rise…  I see only enthusiasm on the horizon… we’re in the strongest time of year… online continues to eat offline’s lunch… China is only getting hotter… the 2008 Summer Olympics are always strong advertising events… so are the 2008 elections… and so on.
No, I can’t because — so far — my simple revenue assumptions have been surprising close to reality… so even if I throw in a factor for "optimistic momentum", I can only get to $900.
Just like my $700 call, a $900 two-year price target puts my estimate higher than everyone else on The Street (current highest is $850) — which allows me to retain the title of the, "most optimistic guy in the world about online advertising." <smile>
But, it does pain me that I can’t make the first $1,000 call right now.  Guess the law of large numbers is finally kicking in for GOOG.
20 NOV UPDATE:  Heath Terry at Credit Suisse Group just raised his target to $900.

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