It Was Good To Be Irish Yesterday

Posted: March 18, 2008 in Technology and Business
[Note:  This post originally started on March 17th!]
Throughout history — whether it’s their fault or not — the Irish have ended up with the short stick.
Until now.
Until technology.
I’m one of two Greek-Irish guys in the tech industry.  (Explains a lot for those that know me. <chagrined grin> ) 
In the 70’s, I spent a few summers in Ireland working at my cousins’ riding school.  Such wonderful adventures and memories for me. 
As for the Irish, though, life was not grand, that was plain to see.  In fact, it felt downright poor.  You could see it in the people’s eyes:  Hopelessness.  It was like the Irish couldn’t get a lucky break — or better said — couldn’t make a lucky break for themselves.
About twenty years ago (give or take), someone smart said, "hey, these technology companies are doing pretty well.  Let’s see if we can get some of them to base their operations here.  We have a lot to offer!  We have an educated, english-speaking workforce.  And we’ll be as business friendly as a four-leaf clover!"
Ireland undid what it failed to do for centuries:  Transformed itself into a economic powerhouse.
How do I know this?  We had a family reunion a few years back.  Prices were through the roof (and it wasn’t just euro-appreciation).  Standard of living noticeably higher.  Trappings of a wealthy community were obvious. 
The kicker was going back to the old riding school.  A massive residential development sprang in all directions from the main facility… the kind you only get when there is a growing population and lots and lots of jobs.
To my point:  Technology does indeed work in mysterious ways!
Happy, well-deserved St. Patrick’s Day to one & all!

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