In Memory Of Don Hichens

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Technology and Business
I’m in shock.
A friend, Don Hichens, just passed.  Tongue cancer.  He was a young man.  Boy did we love playing cards together, he was always up for a game.  A genuine guy.  Once he asked me to speak to his daughter about "tech careers" and I remember having a big ‘ole S.E.G. on my face the entire time:  "Do you know how great your dad is?  No, really, do you know?" 
She did know and beamed.
My Dad used to say:  "When God wants you, he’ll take you."
God took this one too soon.
  1. Paul says:

    Don and his family moved right next to me, my mom and brother when they first moved to Belvedere.  He was always interested in what my brother and I were into, and even took time out to understand the immensely \’important\’ world of a 8 and 11 year old pair of brothers.
    Later on when my brother passed, Don and Julia attended his funeral and brought comfort on a very tough day.
    I\’m tremendously saddened that Don has been taken from us, but I know he is in a better place and enjoying a game of cards with my brother….

  2. Royal Farros says:

    That\’s so Don… such an easy air to him… just a nice person to be around.

  3. Susan says:

    May 04Talking about In Memory Of Don Hichens My
    cousin just moved to SF and has an entry-level job in a field Don would
    know about, so I  Googled Don\’s work number and was hit with obituary. 
    I\’m still reeling.  This was the first year he didn\’t sent a Christmas
    card, and I had wondered why, then meant to call on his birthday and…We
    met after a Wednesday night church service in Boston back in 74, and
    stayed friends for all these years.  We could always call each other
    when major events came up and one of us needed to blather or rant or
    just needed a shoulder…yet he didn\’t let me know about this. 
    Ironically, my husband, also a staunch Christian Scientist, had cancer
    in one tonsil in 2005, had
    medical treatment for the first time in his life and, by the end of
    that year he was, thank God, 40 lbs lighter but 100% healthy.  But
    months of chemo and radiation, a stomach tube for feeding and
    such…well, I empathize with Julie being the caregiver–it\’s beyond
    brutal–and hope to talk with her soon.  Even tho I\’m a
    counselor/therapist myself, I went to a caregivers\’ support group to
    help cope with the indescribable stress, depression, fatigue… my God,
    I can\’t imagine having all of that end with your husband passing.How
    I wish, how I will wish for the rest of my life, that I\’d known…I
    would have caught the first plane west.  So much that his mom has had
    to handle–the passing of her husband, the loss of Karen\’s child, now
    the passing of her own child…  I was glad to be able to tell her how
    much I admired her strength; that she is a role model, however it is
    that she puts one foot in front of the other, which she acknowledged is
    incredibly tough…Don, I know we don\’t have all the answers; only God
    does.  I have always admired your love of, and trust in, God.  I will
    always be grateful for what we taught, and learned from, each other. 
    Grateful for all the conversations and advice, in both directions, at
    critical times in each of our lives–for over 30 years.I\’m grateful
    that Julie had such a great husband and that the girls had a father
    like you, and that all your zillions of friends had you as an example
    of what a "good life lived" actually looks like.I miss you, I will always miss you, with all my heart.With love,Susan Kennedy in NC