A Weird Affect Of A High Stock Price

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Technology and Business
We’ve discussed in the past that I don’t think GOOG should split its stock until it hits $1,000.  A bunch of good PR reasons.
Turns out there is an unintended consequence of toting around a huge share price:  The perception of what’s an "earnings crush!" — or, for that matter, a "huge earnings miss!"
For example, everyone is saying that Google "smashed" their earnings numbers:  Expected was $4.52 (and actually the whisper number was 4 cents lower)… but GOOG delivered $4.84.
If GOOG’s share price was "normal"… let’s say $45 rather than $450 (about what it closed at yesterday)… GOOG would have beat by 3 cents (48 cents vs. 45 cents).
Certainly a beat in the face of an expected miss is terrific.  But, I wonder how many people would have called that a crush?
Note that this has worked against GOOG, too.  They "missed" earnings by a few cents a few quarters ago, which, if divided by 10, wouldn’t have even been rounding error.  In other words, they would have made their number (and possibly avoided ensuing share price carnage).

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