Bill Gates Should Run MicroHOO

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Technology and Business
I’m going to officially be the first to suggest this:
MSFT should walk away from YHOO… and come back in a few months with a halved offer but all in stock… and tell the world that Bill Gates is going to run the division.
Bill is the only guy at Microsoft that would have the juice to make sure the YHOO division (services, content, advertising) wouldn’t get crushed by Redmond (Windows, Office, and servers) — and actually gets the attention it would need to combat GOOG.
Plus, Bill has kinda done this before — only Bill had the juice to turn the disconnected battleship that was Microsoft in 1999 and force Internet religion into every single, tiny crack that is Microsoft today (even trashing a $1.5 billion investment into a proprietary MSN network along the way).
Think in terms of a second act that may be even larger than the one Steve Jobs is pulling off.
Plus, I hear Bill will have some extra time on his hands come June. <smile>

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