What We’ve Been Saying All Along

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Technology and Business
Like or dislike Henry Blodget, he write an interesting blog.
One drum he’s banged for a while is that online advertising will wilt along with the economy… maybe even be a leading indicator.
But no longer… quote from today:
     If the downturn is prolonged, we still think search will get hit, but we also agree that it will be the last spending to get cut.
My blog comment:
     I never understood why such a smart group like SAI didn’t understand this… all you had to do is ask anyone that has actually bought advertising:  The old way sucks.  The new way is awesome.
     Said another way, I’m not sure future generations will ever understand the oldest ad joke in the world:  "I know half my advertising is working… I just don’t know which half."  R.I.P.

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